Linear MCS412001 Multi-Code 2 Channel Visor Transmitter

  • Easy access to battery and coding switches
  • 1,024 possible codes per channel
  • 9-Volt battery
  • Visor clip included
  • Compatible with 300 MHz multi-code receivers as well as model 109950 and 302850 receivers
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Portable and designed for automatic door and gate operator applications, the Linear/multi-code 2-channel visor transmitter features raised dimples for easy, or vision-impaired identification. The left and right buttons channel signal one and signal two respectively. It is powered by a 9-volt battery, includes a visor clip and a test/operate indicator. The transmitter is multi-code format with two 10-position coding switches, providing 1,024 possible codes per channel. Independent coding supports activation of a common gate and a private door. The transmitter will only activate receivers set with the same code.
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Product Name Linear MCS412001 Multi-Code 2 Channel Visor Transmitter
Model Linear-MCS41200
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Brand Linear
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