Linear Act-34B 4-Channel Keychain Transmitter

  • Compatible with all Linear access receivers & controllers
  • Quick-disconnect key ring
  • Factory programmed MegaCode format supports more than 1 million codes
  • Includes two 2016-type lithium batteries
  • Operating freq: 318MHz
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Linear's ACT-34B is a four-channel device supplied with a quick-disconnect key ring and a unique 10-second time-out feature. Each transmitter is factory preprogrammed with one of over 1,000,000 codes, virtually eliminating the possibility of code duplication. No unauthorized person can gain access by reprogramming a transmitter because the receiver learns each specific code. Block coded transmitters are factor programmed to a sequential series of transmitter id codes and facility codes can be selected to further customize the system.
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Product Name Linear Act-34B 4-Channel Keychain Transmitter
Model Linear Act-34B
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Brand Linear
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