Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do I need to charge my battery when I receive it?

A: Our batteries are shipped fully charged, while they are fully charged, we recommend charging the battery for 24 hours for optimum life.

Q: I'm trying to plug my battery in but the connectors don't fit what do I do?

A: Most Batteries are shipped with plastic terminal protectors, please remove to properly connect the battery to your device.

Q: I have never replaced a battery, is there anything I need to know?

A: Be careful to not cross wires to avoid sparks or short, Connect Red terminal of battery to Red cable and Black terminal to Black cable.

Q: My Battery arrived with Flat or Bent Termainal

A: Terminals may get bent during shipping and may require being bent back into place. Simply use a

small screwdriver to pry up the terminal into place, this should not require very much force, and will not damage the battery or void your warranty.

Q: What do I do with my old battery?

A: Please dispose of your old battery according to your City or Towns Ordinances.

Q: I plugged my new battery into my alarm and it's still blinking and or showing Low Battery

A: Some Alarms require a "Hard Reset?" when  you replace the battery, Please follow the steps below

  • Contact Alarm monitoring company and place alarm system on test. 
  • Un-Plug burglar alarm transformer from wall, transformer may have a screw into outlet. 
  • Disconnect old battery, Remove plastic protectors & Install new battery matching red cable to red terminal & black cable to black terminal. 
  • Reconnect burglar alarm transformer and you are finished. 
  • Please note the low battery or “low Bat” symbol may take up to 48 hours to disappear. 

Burglar alarm transformers should be replaced between 5-7 years, if transformer is extremely hot or has any burn marks replace immediately.

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